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We provide full fledged accounting system development and implementation. In our service, we support our client in whole process of accountings, such as creation of chart of accounts, book keeping of the transactions, reconciliations, confirmation. In small size organization, we keep all the accountings records with ourselves in our accounting software so that they needn’t hire qualified manpower which may be high in cost as per their benefit. In medium and big size organization, we also train the internal staffs to increase their capacity so that they can handle the day to day accounting operation in easy and smooth manner.


Internal Auditing

Our core staffs carries out this service for our valued clients .Verification of internal transaction covering full and in depth is done in this service to assure management about the accuracy of the transactions and report generated. This service gives value addition to our clients to warn them about the potential fraud to be committed so that they could take measures pre or post to prevent those kinds of events. It improves the effectiveness of the organization.


Helping clients to resolve tax issues they are facing, tax information and consulting on prospective issues of taxation. Main services are rendered in this categories serves to our clients is Tax planning to reduce tax burden legally. Supporting our client to solve full audit conducted by tax offices, presenting to tax offices with our staffs are another value addition for our clients. Carrying out the pre-registration process for taking PAN also falls in this category.


Our engineers handle this wing for designing of infrastructures, consulting on constructions requirements, engineering designing of house and others. Their advice plays a vital role to reduce cost in construction with assured quality of infrastructure of modern design for our client to minimize the cost of construction dramatically. Valuation of property, survey of small, medium, big size projects are also carried under this service.


Professional Logo designing, visiting cards designing, letterheads and other designing to be used for business purpose are served by this wing. Attractive professional designing is our assurance. Our designing serves as a powerful tool of the advertisement of the clients. More than this design on T-Shirt, printing on T-Shirts and on other goods are additional services rendered under this category.


Every organizations always needs qualified, loyal and dedicates staffs to support organizational activities. We outsource professional manpower especially in the field of Accounting and Taxation to resolve the concurrent issues and problems as per the demand for specified period of time as per clients’ requirements. Further, we support our clients for acquiring, developing manpower on the basis of their requirements.

Computerized Accounting Training

Providing practical accounting training based on off the job module with necessary training materials is our focus under this service. Course has been designed covering more practicable works related to accounting, taxation, and other relevant field related to accounting working environment. Our designed course will shape the new learner into a capable person for handing accounting task as experienced person working for a long period of time in any kind of organization.

Management Reporting

Most of the investors have lack of time to devote in clerical works. They need various financial reports in summary form. So, we analyze complete transactions of the organization and prepare the conclusion in summary form based on analysis so that management would get the quick view of the decisions subject matter needing management focus. It will help out management to review the status of major financial areas.

ISO Consulting

We train the organization about the requirements to be met for ISO certification. We design all the forms, formats for the documents, draw the organization structure for ISO certification purpose. Our expert team member in ISO consulting plays mediator role between ISO certification agency and organization desired to take ISO certification.

Website Development

We provide full cycle of website development from domain registration, hosting and website development. Necessary renewal, updating and modification are supported by our website development tea, regarding these issues. Designing of required contents for website development on the basis of the nature of organizations are value addition service which we provide under this category.

Human Resource Management

Developing the human assets are emphasized through our services. Training on HR engagement and outsourcing on these areas are offered by our human resource training team member. We conduct motivational class to urge staffs to be loyal and dedicated towards the organization.

Cost Analysis

Costing of the products, services and analyzing for cost reduction programme is served by our professional costing team. Designing the cost of the product or services on the basis of the various costing methodologies are done. Study of the cost reduction programme is made and plans are prepared on the basis of cost analysis. This analysis provides the corner stone for the management in price fixation in different market situation and position.

Business Advisory

Everyone wants to run business and get success on it. But everyone doesn’t have business ideas even they have plenty of investment sources. Rendering advisory services for starting, running business smoothly in whole business cycles to achieve its objective is our value addition service. This relieves our prospective client to take unnecessary burden from their point of view. They can fully engaged on products offering in case we provide this services so that they could achieve their targeted prosperity.

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